After a specialized degree in Nuclear Instrumentation, and with almost 10 years of experience in the field of Nuclear Measurement, Waste Management and Radiation Protection, I founded CAPTECH with the aim of offering the most personalized support possible, both on standard and specific issues.

My primary desire is to provide you with complete and quality services in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

The approach adopted consists of a first phase of exchanges during which we target together your issues and broach them in detail in order to be able to offer you the solutions that best meet your needs ans expectations.
We are of course listening to you throughout the project and offer regular progress points in order to check the status and integrate any new specifications.

CAPTECH intervenes as a freelance expert in order to bring you all our knowledge and know-how in the fields of detection, identification and quantification of ionizing radiation, whatever the measurement technologies used.

With significant experience in the implementation of measurement systems and software as well as in normative and regulatory analysis, we are able to support you on both theoretical and operational aspects:

  • System design
  • Studies and Modeling
  • Radiation Protection
  • On site measurements
  • Waste management
  • Maintenance


CAPTECH works both with major nuclear players such as CEA, ORANO, EDF, IRSN, VEOLIA, Safe Technologies, Bertin Technologies, … as with small producers such as Hospitals, Universities, Landfill Center, …


Measurement technologies:

  • Gamma Spectroscopy (HPGe, CZT, NaI, LaBr3, LaCl3, …)
  • Alpha Spectroscopy
  • Neutron counter ( 3He, BF3, …)
  • Control and Radiation Protection devices (surveymeter, dosimeters, contamination meters, portal monitors, …)
  • Associated software (VisuGamma, VisuAlpha, Génie 2000, Maestro, MGA, IGA, …)

Modeling software:

  • MCNP
  • RayXpert
  • Microshield

Cyril Capdeville

Founder of CAPTECH